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Comparison Lamp

Incandescent lamp (bulb) vs. Fluorescent lights vs. LED Lighting

Incandescent light is obtained by heating. In this case the incandescent lamp in Indonesia for more lights as the lights tungsram incandescentdikenal. How it works: electricity flowed on the filament, heating occurs so as to produce light. This lamp is inefficient, because 90% of the energy into heat. This lamp is very cheap.

Halogen lamp incandescent halogen lamp with a filament is encased in a halogen gas. Halogen lamp is more durable than ordinary incandescent lamps.

Calculation of resistance of the lamp based on the following formula from wikipedia.

Fluorescent lamp is the 'gas discharge lamp', where electricity is used to 'excite mercury vapor'. Mercury causes short-wave ultraviolet light produces light from phosphorus fluoresce.

CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) is a type of fluorescent lamp designed to replace incandescent lamps / tungsram. Compared with tungsram lamps, CFL lamps with the same lighting, CFL lights use less energy.

LED lights, using Light Emitting Diode as a source of light. Some benefits of LED lighting:

* High efficiency: 100 lumens / Watt.
* Small
* Resistance is high, not easily broken.
* Endurance + 50 000 hours
* Mercury or Halogen Free, unlike fluorescent or halogen lamps - HID.