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Traffic LED Lamp

Solar power LED warning lights for power cable installation of traffic lights? There are other alternatives, using a solar cell as a resource for traffic lights.

Light Intensity
> 650 cd
Total LED
Blink frequency
45 - 60 per minute
Voltage power
10 Watt, 12 VDC
500 m
+ 80.000 hours
Solar panels
10 WP
12 V 20 Ah

Here is one example of traffic already using the LED light.

Life Time 30000-100000 hours depending on brand
Energy Saving savings s / d 80-90%
Auto LED intensity adjustment  intensity settings automatically depending on surrounding environment
Optional Housing Aluminium (AL) or Polycarbonate (PC) and light body can be      rotated 90 degrees
IP 65 Grade                                         resistant to weather disturbances such as rain, wind, snow, sand, smoke, fog, coastal environment