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Energy Saver LVD Lamp

Energy Saving Lamp LVD Equivalent to PJU and Flood Light / Lamp Highlight

LVD is induction lamps can be used to replace street lighting lamps and floodlights PJU flood light. This is because the high efficiency, with Watt LVD smaller produce the same light with Metal Halide lamps (mhl) and Sodium lamps with larger Watt. Another plus is the lifetime of up to 100 000 hours.

The advantages of LVD lamp:

* Lumen effisiasi high, the results of new research technology. Bright colors.
* Without the use of electrodes enhances the lifetime of up to 100,000 hours.
* Lights can direct the light in accordance with specifications. Without a flicker.

Long endurance can be achieved without the electrodes, the energy required in the transfer in the form of an electromagnet from the outside light into the tube lights. Effisiasi watt high and low yield lower temperatures.

Imagine a fluorescent lamp, comprising a kind of veil of phosphorus glass filled with mercury gas. Fluorescent lamp electrode to emit ultraviolet radiation in the tube that produces white phosphorus. Every time the electricity supplied from the ballast to the electrodes, reducing the durability of the electrode. LVD lamps do not use high-frequency generator with a power coupler. Radio-frequency generator produces a magnetic field to emit ultraviolet radiation in the tube lamp.
LVD Lamp Generator

LVD Lamp components consist of:

* Lamp LVD
* Magnetic Generator

LVD Induction Lamp Application

LVD induction lamp is suitable for energy saving and high places are hard to reach, such as: high for the factory lights, spotlights, lighting, street / PJU, tunnels, and refrigerators.


LVD Lamp PJU                            LVD Lamp tunnel                                      LVD Higlights Lamp

LVD Lamp for Factory

Calculation of Use for Lamp LVD Lamp PJU with  Solar Cell

In addition to power saving and light that can be given by the light LVD, LVD lamps are also suitable for use as public street lighting with solar cells independent PJU / solar cell.

Lumen 2400 ~ 2800

40 W
12 Volt DC
Long Operation
12 hours
Total KWh
(40 + 10) x 12 = 600 = 0.6 
Solar Cells
130 WP
Total voltage solar cells (KWh) 
130 x 5 hours =  650 = 0.65
Battery (12 Volt 100 Ah)
Calculation of Usage 30%
2 batteries x 100 Ah 
Charge controller
10 A

Comparison of LVD Lamps - Metal Halid - Sodium

LVD™ Induction Metal Halide High Pressure Sodium
Life Hours 100,000 6,000~20,000 24,000
Lumen Efficacy Photopic Efficacy: 150 Plm/W Photopic Efficacy: 110 Plm/W Photopic Efficacy: 90 Plm/W
(Plm: Pupil Lumen) Traditional Efficacy: 80 Lm/W Traditional Efficacy: 75 Lm/W Traditional Efficacy: 120 Lm/W
Depreciation 5% @ 2,000 Hours 40% @ 2,000 Hours 30% @ 2,000 Hours
Rate %
Operating <80°F >300° F >350° F
CRI >80 (Ra) 65~80 (Ra) 60 (Ra)
Re-strike Instant Needs up to 10~15 minutes Needs up to 10~15 minutes
Flicker None Much Much
Glare None Much Much
Environmental No Mercury Contains mercury Contains mercury
Safety No lamp waste in 10 years waste over 10 years waste over 10 years
Metal Halide Lamp High Pressure Sodium

Savings comparison of LVD and Metal Halide Lamp

Lighting system Unit HPI-T 250W LVD 80W
No. of Luminaires pcs 59.00 59.00
No of lamps per luminaire pcs 1.00 1.00
Configuration W 250W 80W
Circuit wattage per luminaire W 266.00 81W
? Aircon loading per luminaire W 50.00 1.00
Total circuit wattage per luminaire W 316.00 81.00
Estimated Annual hours burned hrs 4,320.00 4,320.00
Total circuit wattage kW 18.64 4.78
Annual energy consumed kWh 80,542.08 20,645.28
Economic lamp life (80% inst. lum. flux) hrs 8,000.00 100,000.00
Annual energy costs Rp 104,704,704.00 26,838,864.00
Annual lamp costs Rp 0.00 0.00
Annual operating costs Rp 0.00 0.00
Annual savings Rp 0.00 77,865,840.00
Saving as % of conv. operation cost % 0.00 74.37